Devarian Exile

The first novella in the acclaimed and award-winning Devarian series. Available as a single title from Changeling Press, or get the entire Devarian series in one low-priced e-collection!

Devarian Exile

In a galaxy where all men are slaves, one woman must battle an empire to free the man she loves.

Recommended Read! "A wild, edge of the seat ride! This is truly one of those rare books you cannot put down."
-- Road to Romance

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Under the laws of the Nine-Star League, all men are slaves. But when Soleyla Devarian, a captain of the elite League Guardians, falls in love with her new pleasure-slave, Kantou, she begins to question the very League she is sworn to uphold.

Badly abused by his previous owner, Kantou is handsome, intelligent, and emotionally vulnerable. Soleyla, moved by his desperate yearning to find a woman to whom he can give himself utterly, is determined to prove she is that woman. She vows to win Kantou's trust and make him feel safe enough to allow himself the complete sexual submission she knows he craves.

But when she is posted to Antoros, a newly discovered world in the far reaches of the galaxy, Soleyla finds herself equally drawn to Rolen, the fiery, passionate leader of the Antorean rebels the Guardians have been ordered to crush. Now Soleyla's trapped between two alluring men and their conflicting desires -- and there's only one way to fulfill them both!


2006 CAPA Nominee! Best BDSM

A Love Romances & More Staff Pick! "An exciting and extremely erotic new trilogy."

A Road to Romance Recommended Read! "A wild, edge of the seat ride! This is truly one of those rare books you cannot put down."

5 Blue Ribbons! "Beautifully crafted, erotic, and passionate... If you are new to erotic romance, then DEVARIAN EXILE is an excellent starting point. And for those devotees of erotic romance amongst you, I would say that if you miss this book, you do so at your own peril." -- Romance Junkies

5 Stars! "A sexy, seductive and romantic science fiction tale that I could not put down!" -- Just Erotic Romance Reviews

5 Flags!"This book is so hot it must NOT be read without access to air conditioning, a bucket of ice, and a cold shower!" -- Euro-Reviews


The first time she'd seen the slave-market on Porto V, Soleyla Devarian had been sixteen. From the biting cold of an Argulian winter, Soleyla had stepped out of the portal onto soft white sand. The feathery fronds of unfamiliar trees had rustled in a light, warm breeze. Wide-eyed, she'd followed her mother from the debarkation point down the slope toward the market.

The colored awnings and silken tents had looked flimsy to Soleyla's eyes, raised as she was on Argulus where fierce winter winds necessitated buildings of stone to withstand their blast. The market spread out before her, a riot of color under a gentle yellow sun. But it hadn't been the tents, or even the azure sea sparkling off in the distance, that caught Soleyla's eye.

It was the men.

They posed outside the seller's tents, living advertisements of their owners' wares. Soleyla stared hungrily, her gaze flicking over their firm bodies, feeling the strange, unfamiliar restlessness that had begun plaguing her over the past few months swell to a pulsing ache between her legs.

She studied them, following the line of their taut, tapered waists to where their manhoods were displayed to her devouring gaze, nestled among curls of black or brown or copper hair. One slave, a sleek, light-haired fellow with eyes the color of the distant sea, fondled himself before her eyes, his penis hardening under his caressing fingers as he shot Soleyla a beckoning, seductive glance.

Her mouth went dry as she stared at his hands trailing up and down his thickening shaft. She watched him rub the darkening tip between his deft fingers, stroking them lightly across the velvety skin. Her footsteps lagged, and she found herself wanting to command him to rub himself faster, wanting to watch the muscles of his forearm clench and flex as he tightened his grip, watch his head drop back and his eyes fall shut as he stroked his warm, pulsing penis harder and harder...

Rachel Devarian looked down at her flushed, staring daughter with an amused smile. "Patience, Soleyla," she'd murmured. "Do you think the merchants put their best wares on display in the streets?"

Soleyla had obediently followed her red-cloaked mother, but she couldn't resist a glance back at the light-haired man, catching his expression of disappointment as the tall, regal woman, clearly marked by her deep crimson cloak with its titanium clasp as a Senator of the Nine-Star League, moved away.

It wasn't likely the man--a mere pleasure-slave--had known her mother's name, much less her preeminence as First Senator of the League. He hadn't needed to. Soleyla could see the way his gaze followed Rachel, the forlorn hope in his eyes. And for the first time she'd realized that men had dreams, too--no matter how small and inconsequential those dreams might seem to her, Soleyla, daughter of Senator Rachel Devarian, Regent of Argulus IV.

She could see the hunger in the men's eyes, the longing--to be plucked from the pleasure-market and taken into the household of a Senator! It would be the height of ambition for slaves such as these, men selected in childhood for their attractiveness and trained in the arts of pleasing a woman.

She wasn't entirely ignorant, of course, of the sensual uses to which a man could be put. She'd walked in on her mother and one or more of the six pleasure-slaves her rank entitled her to, any number of times. But she herself had had no more than the briefest of conversations with the ordinary slaves who tended the fields, the manor, the livestock--and none at all with the six her mother kept for pleasure.

It was a shock to realize they might have dreams.

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"Sierra Dafoe has made me a believer."

-- Just Erotic Romance Reviews
An ARe top 10 bestseller!
CAPA nominee: Best contemporary erotic!

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An ARe top 10 bestseller!
CAPA nominee: Best contemporary erotic!

Buy it now!
"Ms. Dafoe has done it again with a book that is erotic, compassionate and one heck of a good read."

-- The Romance Studio
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