The Mighty Flynn

The Mighty Flynn

Geena's about to make the best mistake of her life -- with her fiance and his best man!

5 Flags! "Not just a daayum, mind you - but Hoooot Daaaayum! Sierra Dafoe slapped the sexy into this one!"
-- Euro-Reviews

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Is Geena just getting cold feet, or is she about to make the biggest mistake of her life? Her fiancé, Russ, is everything a girl could ask for: handsome, caring, and financially secure. In bed, though, he's so gently considerate that Geena's about to go mad with sexual frustration. How can she tell Russ that she fantasizes about being tied up and made love to, hard--and preferably by two men at once?

She can't. Not, at least, until Flynn Davies shows up. With his haughty, dominating manner and darkly dangerous good looks, Russ's best man ignites a fire in Geena that she can't ignore.

But why is he so hostile toward her? Convinced that he's trying to derail their marriage, Geena masquerades as a stripper at Russ's stag party to uncover the truth about Flynn's designs. When she's caught, who knows what delectable punishments Flynn will devise?


An All Romance Ebooks bestseller!

A #1 best-seller at Fictionwise!

5 Angels! "Short and to the point, the story was well developed and the characters engrossing. Geena's dilemma is genuine and allows the reader to worry right along with her. Russ is a good guy and Flynn is a wicked sexual fantasy, seemingly. The combinations of the characters create a fabulous mix." -- Fallen Angel Reviews

5 Flags! "Not just a daayum, mind you - but Hoooot Daaaayum! Sierra Dafoe slapped the sexy into this one! This book is so hot it'll make your teeth sweat!" -- Euro-Reviews

4 1/2 Blue Ribbons! "Oh my, no need for warm weather clothes and blankets while you're reading this little gem of a story. Sierra Dafoe definitely turns up the heat and leaves you panting for more." -- Romance Junkies

4 1/2 Kisses! "Sierra Dafoe has written another book hot enough to melt snow. The Mighty Flynn has everything, a believable story line, incredible characters, emotions, and let's not forget some really steamy sex." -- Two Lips Reviews

4 1/2 Hearts! "I loved Geena's liberation during and after the bachelor party, her ease at releasing her inhibitions and showing Russ her sexuality. " -- The Romance Studio


"Russ, he's your friend. I'm sure he only wants what's best for you."

"You're what's best for me, Geena. Even if Flynn's too damn stubborn to see it." Russ sighed, shoving his hands into his pockets. "Look, if it's not too much of an imposition, can I stay the night?"

"Are you sure?"

Russ nodded grimly. "I don't trust my temper at the moment."

He'd never actually spent the night at her place before. They always went to his place--among other things, his bed was twice the size of hers. Not that they ever used the half of it, Geena thought wryly. "Of course," she replied, wondering what Chell would think.

Michelle, as it turned out, had already left for the club. The apartment seemed echoingly empty without her presence, despite the mass of boxes piled in the living room.

Russ eyed them in surprise. "Where the hell did you keep all that?"

"Why does everyone keep asking me that?" She spoke more tartly than she'd meant to, and saw Russ grin.

"Sorry. Hit a nerve there, did I?"

"No. Yes. It's just moving, and the wedding, and everything."

"I know." Gently, he looped his arms around her waist, and Geena laid her cheek against the broad expanse of his chest. She could hear his heart beating, warm and steady, under his shirt. "I know, Gee. But by Sunday, all of this will be over, I promise you."

"You make it sound like a threat."

He chuckled at that, his voice rumbling, low and warm, through his chest, and tipped her chin back to lower his mouth to hers. She loved his mouth, both firm and mobile, and the taste of his tongue probing between her lips.

If only he'd probe a little harder! She pressed against him, willing him to drag her against him, and seize her lips in a hard, searing kiss. But he merely murmured, his lips whispering gently against the skin of her neck, "Tell me you didn't pack the bed."

She rolled her eyes. "It came with the room."


His arms closed around her, a little tighter, but she pulled back against his embrace. "Shouldn't you at least call Flynn?"

"He'll be fine. He's a big boy...Yeah, I suppose you're right." Reluctantly, he released her, and while Russ borrowed her cell phone, Geena dug a spare pair of sheets out of Chell's closet. He joined her in time to help tuck in the top sheet.

"So what's the manipulative prick up to?"

Russ grimaced. "I don't know, and I don't care. But he knows where the remote is, and there's stroganoff in the freezer. He'll be fine." Reaching for her, he pulled her onto the bed and tugged off his shirt, then lay back with Geena in his arms, her head pillowed on his shoulder.

"How about you?" she asked. He glanced down at her, surprised. "I've just never seen you that angry before."

"That's because I've never had you to be angry about."

Oh, she liked the sound of that. She snuggled closer, and Russ closed his arms around her, turning his head to nuzzle her hair as his hands caressed her back. She rolled slightly, and he slid one hand to her breast, kneading it through her blouse and bra. "Maybe we should take this off."

Don't ask! she wanted to scream. Don't ask, just do it!

Instead, she sat up and unbuttoned it as he watched, his eyes studying her appreciatively. He reached up, cupping her breasts through her bra, and gliding his thumbs over her hardening nipples.

"Nice," he murmured.

Geena lifted her ribcage, pressing her breasts into his palms, and moaned as he squeezed them more firmly. Sitting up, he reached back, unhooked her bra, and lowered his mouth to one aching nipple. Geena bit her lip, wishing he would suck harder, maybe even use his teeth a little. But he didn't. Instead, he lowered her to the bed, deftly removing her jeans as he kicked off her own. Then he was above her, entering her carefully, moving inside her with his usual considerate gentleness.

The room was so bare around them, like an already-abandoned shell, and Geena closed her eyes as she wrapped her arms around Russ's broad, muscular back, trying to will herself to orgasm as Russ's breathing quickened. It's too late, she thought in some desolate corner of her mind. Too late now to go back.

Is it? The voice, cool and amused, whispered in her imagination. She could picture Flynn so clearly, his ice-green eyes gleaming with their cold, arrogant humor. Is it really, Geena?

It was easy, far too easy, to imagine Flynn standing there in the doorway, watching as Russ made love to her so gently, so...

Tamely, her traitorous brain whispered.

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Happy reading! -- Sierra

"Sierra Dafoe is a master of hot and steamy romance."

-- Whipped Cream Reviews
An ARe top 10 bestseller!
CAPA nominee: Best contemporary erotic!

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An ARe top 10 bestseller!
CAPA nominee: Best contemporary erotic!

Buy it now!
"Ms. Dafoe has done it again with a book that is erotic, compassionate and one heck of a good read."

-- The Romance Studio
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